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You are ready to get started or you have more questions.  The first step is to read and fill out the form below.

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All Jenny Shipley brides will also receive a Wedding Welcome Guide with lots of helpful tips for your wedding planning.

the first step

the form

So glad you made it here!  Filling out a Let's Chat form helps me get to know you.

* I won't use your email address for anything other than communication to you for your specific purpose.  A phone number is required as a second contact in case your email address is not entered correctly and will also be used to send a text for Step 2.  If you'd prefer to only send by email - my email address is below.

*If for a session unrelated to weddings - put a date that surrounds your ideal time period (ie, if you're looking at a season or month - input a date in that time period).


- Jenny




I'm a huge admirer of printed photography.  It's one of my biggest motivations for doing the work.  At the end, you should be able to print work that will feel classic and will last for a lifetime.

As you are


I've heard folks describe my work as "editorial" or "genuine"...I really hope to create a lightly directed scene for you and yours where you will feel comfortable.

Why do I incorporate film?


I love looking at year books from the 1920s - 1950s.  Film portraits always feel so simple and classic to me.  It is my goal for your photos to have this same feeling - natural and timeless.