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So glad you made it here!  Filling out a Let's Chat form helps Jenny get to know you. Jenny's basic coverage includes a second photographer, a full downloadable gallery, full access to Jenny, a Wedding Welcome Guide, Wedding Questionnaire, and at least two meetings with you or your planner before your wedding date to help prepare your priorities for photography on your wedding day.

* I won't use your email address for anything other than communication to you for your specific purpose.  A phone number is required as a second contact in case your email address is not entered correctly and will also be used to send a text for Step 2.  If you'd prefer to only send by email - my email address is below.

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Wedding days can be full of a variety of emotions. I debated on writing this - but - I have seen couples work their way through a rainy days, hot days, windy days, sickness, loss. My favorite experiences are often from the day where an outdoor ceremony was planned, but rain started when it was not expected...and the bride cannot wear the Loeffler Randall shoes she thought she was going to wear, but comes out wearing her best friends' leather boots and walks under an umbrella to meet her groom waiting for her in a tented ceremony space. Maybe there were tears of sadness shed, but at the alter - the two are full of joy. Joy conquers any circumstance and it does not get old.



I've heard folks describe my work as "editorial" or "genuine"...I really hope to create a lightly directed scene for you and yours where you will feel comfortable.



I love looking at year books from the 1920s - 1950s.  Film portraits always feel regal and timeless. It's a large part of why I incorporate film into my work. It keeps my mind focused and trained to look for still moments while working in real time.

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